We see the introduction of our project management software as just a part of a professionalization project.

With pm-smart you introduce more than just a great project management software, you professionalise and standardise your project management practice. Our experienced team can accompany you and offer a tailor-made approach, based on your requirements and situation. This can range from a standard pm-smart installation to a complete organization development project that we could develop together with our partners in the project management consulting area.

An optimal outcome from precise functionality and profitability of the investment always remains in focus.

Succsessful organisational developments stand out through a funtional interaction between method-development and the introduction of method-supporting software-tools. Only with the cooperation of project management experience or education and the proper tool produces a long term improvement of the quality of the project management processes. It is usually very helpful here to use available project management standards, such as the IPMA-ICB or PMI. We can analyse your requirements and specifications and contrast that with our pm-smart standard solutions. Most of these specific requirements can be covered cost-effectively by our configuration options.

EVOLOSO offers all project management competencies from one hand. Contact us for a free and non-binding consultation!

Design of the project management processes - project management approach for advice, training and pm-smart

The implementation of our software tool is always a part of a project management optimisation project, and is mostly realised in the form of an organisation-wide development project.

Only through the interaction of a project-management-optimized organisation (as seen, for example, in the form of a project management handbook), good project management training and pm-smart as the optimal tool, can longterm improvements in the quality of the process project management be produced. A maximum quality improvement will be reached when in all three of these areas the same standards, e.g. IPMA Competence Baseline, are used.

pm-smart roll-out

We define the steps of the introduction together with our clients and recommend, in general, a phased plan that schedules a step-by-step use of the pm-smart functions. A process method that we find, from our pm-smart implementation experience, creates long-term change and brings out the best results.

Fundamentally, a solid plan is must be in place as a basis for the successful roll-out.

Based on your requirements and goals, the best solution in the form of an implementation project for your company will be planned. Thereby we offer our many years of experience, our "lessons learned" in the previous roll-outs and our combined project management and IT competencies.

Even for start of the roll-out, pm-smart can be used for the planning activities!

Our services for the implementation of pm-smart:

  • Conception of the implementation project
  • System installation
  • Configuration and test
  • When required, the development of interfaces to other software products
  • Implementation of interfaces and test
  • User training for pm-smart administrators, project leaders, ressource managers - mostly by the "Train the trainer" approach
  • Go-live support
We will happily advise you personally about an implementation strategy that fits your company.

IT Services

pm-smart will naturally be first usable when it is integrated in the existing IT infrastructure. We can advice you about this point, and carry out the installation ourselves.

We develop from our office in Graz all essential customer requirements ourselves. With this we can be more flexible as producers and operate closer to our customers. As a part of special workshops, we can develop interface solutions for the efficient data transfer with your current IT system.

pm-smart support

The EVOLOSO support team is your partner for support questions about all the products from our portfolio.

Software care-packages include continual upgrades from software releases. Get in contact for more detailed information!

Support-Hotline: +43 (0) 316 584779 -100

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