The easy to learn multi-project management tool
in line with IPMA / PMI standard.

pm-smart is a comprehensive, practice oriented, scalable software which supports your project management according to IPMA / ICB4 technical competence elements and PMI guidelines.

for project managers
for managers and PMO
for project teams
for resource managers

Companies that implement pm-smart for their success in projects.

More time for project content, tasks and communication!

Increased quality and risk awareness in your projects

pm-smart effectively supports the establishment of, and adherence to, standard, qualitative and effective project management standards. An early warning system reduces project risks.

More user comfort

Intuitive to use with less training - pm-smart achieves high user acceptance by using Microsoft technology and PM standards. For the use of agile PM approaches with connection to Jira - hybrid PM can be implemented.

Increase your productivity through the pm-smart all-in-one solution

The creation and management of project management documents within pm-smart is a time and cost saver. Have all your documents in one place, instead of spread across multiple software and formats.

pm-smart is optimised for your role in project management

Project Portfolio Module

To have a clear overview of your complete portfolio of project ideas and running projects is a constant challenge. You know this for sure! Firstly, changes come fast and furious: new projects, tight key resources, unexpected external influences, and postponed deadlines. Perhaps your teams work on individual projects with different tools and methods. Your project portfolio management lacks a singular, up-to-date information base. The pm-smart multi-project Module (MPM) represents company-wide portfolio management for idea management, planning, budgeting, project controlling and also includes the approval process.

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Single Project Module

Project owners want to allow time for the really important factors in project management: project content, project tasks and communication, but have to work with many individual tools for the planning, documentation and communication with gaps, double work. In the end, they have no real overview of the project situation - here, pm-smart can help! pm-smart single project module (EPM) is built to be process-oriented. In every sub-process, this module offers a variety of functions and methods. The complexity of the methods can be freely configured for different project types.

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Web Portal for team members

Your employees responsible for work packages don't have clear guidelines for the specific tasks from diverse projects, inconsistent information from project leaders and line managers and don't have an overview of the project as a whole. In order to solve all this, we have created a work-surface for project team members and their superiors. Users see in one glance his or her relevant projects and work packages, job details, appointments and deadlines, personal capacity and To-Dos. For the extension to the so-called hybrid PM approach, we offer a connection to Jira for users who want to use agile methods.

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Resource management

As a resource manager, can you answer with a clear conscience if further projects are workable in the short term? If your capacity overview is up to date? If your experts can keep project deadlines? If not, then the pm-smart resource module is your saviour. Resource management is built into pm-smart multi-project management. The entry of all other activities is achieved in the form of rough planning for project ideas, daily business and availability directly in the workload overview.

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pm-smart is optimised for your role in project management

for executive managers / PMO

for project managers

for project team members

for resource managers

pm-smart integrates as an On-premises- or Cloud Software-as-a-Service solution with the software you already use

pm-smart is an Evoloso in-house development based on Microsoft technologies and offers interfaces to the most common business software products.
With the connection to Jira this also enables so-called hybrid PM for users who want to use agile methods such as Jira. Jira users continue to work primarily with Jira.

Customer-specific requirements for the interfaces are implemented by our interface experts in Graz.

pm-smart licensing

The pm-smart software is modular and structured according to roles in the projectmanagement process.
We offer named user license prices for the following PM roles:

  • Project management (PM)
  • Core project team (PCT - reduced PL variant)
  • Project team (PTM)
  • PMO / portfolio management (controls the entire MPM process)
    For resource management there we offer an optional additional license price.
  • General Management (decides and is informed - reduced PMO variant)

The licenses are billed either once (on premise solution) or monthly (Cloud Software-as-a-Service, SaaS).
The technical basis of the SaaS solution is the use of Microsoft 365 Business Premium and subsequently Microsoft Azure. The server locations are in the EU. Compliance with the GDPR and a high security standard are of course guaranteed by us and our partner companies Microsoft & Insight.

We would be happy to provide you with a license offer tailored to your specific requirements!

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