Once more a customer from the timber industry could be convinced of the advantages of pm-smart.

With the future use of pm-smart at our customer BRÜDER THEURL GMBH, we are expanding our customer base from the industrial environment.
The 90-year-old family company THEURL from East Tyrol can confidently be called a youngster. The innovative spirit and zest for action of the now four generations of wood experts seems to act as a fountain of youth. However, the successful industrial partner had outgrown its infancy long before this company anniversary. Over the decades, THEURL has succeeded in constantly evolving, taking a step forward and creating products that are always relevant for the market of the future. Standing still means aging. So the motto for the coming decades at THEURL is: 90 years and more.
The Theurl company produces cross laminated timber, glued laminated timber, planed goods and sawn timber. 2,600 timber construction projects such as single-family houses, additions, residential, hotel, commercial and industrial buildings are realized every year.
In the future, BRÜDER THEURL GMBH will mainly use our product pm-smart to handle investment projects. The new program management module is also used for this.

We look forward to a good and successful cooperation.

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