Headquartered in Salzburg, Commend Austria sells and markets systems for security and communication that meet the most demanding quality requirements. This includes software for the transmission of voice sound, images, and data signals. Speaking, listening, viewing, controlling and messaging.

Commend was founded in Austria in 1971, operates in more than 59 countries and employs more than 450 people worldwide. The annual turnover worldwide was 70,000,000 €.

Customer statement: "Finally a continuous and efficient tool for all projects from the project idea to the project completion - both from the point of view of a single project, but also across the entire project portfolio."
Dipl. Ing. (FH) Klaus Hirschegger, Commend International GmbH, Head of Project and Process Management

Because we at Evoloso are always open for new ideas and feedback from our customers, we have already implemented the following wishes from Commend at the time of the presentation:

  • completly new "State of the Art" user interface with better performance
  • new feature capacity planning

lecture in german - hold by the customer at the pm-smart customer event 2019

Web Demo